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Dog Fish Boy:
I just lost a whole story I was writing on my dinky smartphone here at work it's dead out I am sitting in front of the 24 hour WinCo Foods and these fat stupid young girls are screaming OH MY VAGINA trying to get people to look at them in the parking lot

Dog Fish Boy:
So I took the cat in on Tuesday for blood glucose curve test all day, they are scared of her because she remembers and she attacks full strength without warning, which I think is unusual, it shows how smart she is, truly.
So today the vet calls and they think she may have snapped out of being diabetic, immediately I must cut her dosage in half, they wanted to retest with different protocols on Monday but I have to punt till Wednesday for cash flow reasons.
Cats do have remission from diabetes fairly often compared to humans...whoops gotta go to work

I moved my cat tower in to my cave.

Suddenly, the cats love it.

Dog Fish Boy:
Okay back...evidently the woman manager at the one Wendy's has turned to evil and is stealing from the till, I am informed by the nice co-worker.
So anyway, I had just about become reconciled to the cat being insulin dependent forever. They do snap out of it from diet, but, when you think about it, the only reason she got diabetes was as a side effect from prednisolone, and it's harder to snap out of being POISONED...But anyways I read that B12 shots help cats with diabetes so I got her a few of those. I also gave her some of this black cumin oil. From Nigella sativa seeds. I first heard of that from Coldjoint here on amkon, actually, he said that Mohammed says that it cures everything. So I looked it up, it evidently does cure quite a few things PERHAPS...I been buying it and taking it for myself...reading further information on the topic, it's supposed to help prevent or reverse DIABETES...So I have given that to kitty maybe a dozen times, just wetting my fingertip with it and rubbing it on her lips...she doesn't like the taste

So anyway if she's cured after the next tests. Maybe that had something to do with it. Or prayer.

Dog Fish Boy:
Are cat towers nice? I don't have any cat furniture for her. She does like climbing the shelves.


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