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72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: September 04, 2017, 04:21:09 PM »

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: September 04, 2017, 04:17:00 AM »
I was walking down some lesser two-lane state highway in the country, someplace flat and central like Oklahoma, along the side of the road. There was no drop-off from the road level to the mud alongside, at the road level, where I was walking, it had rained a few hours previously and was half-dry mud. I was like a homeless person or in the process of travelling longterm, I had a backpack full of stuff and supplies, some to sell. I wasn’t clean or respectable but neither was I abject or undignified.

There was a small white-painted wooden wall or fence perpendicular to the road, up ahead of me on the road margin. As I got closer I saw there were four (what looked like) video camera lenses, sticking out arranged irregularly along the top of this barricade. I realized that these were police radar guns, the wall was serving as a duck blind to hide the cops from the traffic. Sure enough as I came around the wall there were four cops there, sitting and reclining, wearing red MAGA Trump hats. I greeted them respectfully, they were pleasant as well. I said, “hey, let me give you a present, you guys want hats?” and I got into my backpack and took out some four hats that I had just scored from some dumpster full of boxes a little ways down the road previously, they were bill caps with Justin Bieber’s name on them.”Yeah,” I told them, I was indeed going to Justin Bieber’s place a little few miles further ahead down this same road. So these Justin Bieber hats that I had just scored were unfamiliar to my inventory, they were still stuck together as if brand-new from the manufacturer, as I pulled them separate to give one to each cop I saw that, one after the other, they had some foul grease or slime sticking to them, hidden in their creases, in the areas where the hats had overlapped. En fin, I couldn’t give them to the cops, these hats really were trash. I apologized to the cops, they were okay about it. I kept on walking down the road to Justin Bieber’s place.

Bieber’s place was a dilapidated old house, huge rooms, high ceilings, two stories, almost like an abandoned church, or a Southern California mansion from the 1920s. It was gray and green and white stucco walls inside and out, the paint was peeling off, doors open or missing, wet floors in places, but it had electricity. It was reminiscent of a punk rock squat, there were random people hanging out as I went in through the various rooms, there were tall ruinous cabinets in the kitchen. Some people I knew, but mostly everybody greeted me whether I knew them or not. I worked my way to the back of the house (must have been 5000 square foot) and then back around to the front via the rooms along the outside wall, the house was partitioned by an impassible center divider. Like the house on Paper Street, everything was functional, it just looked damaged. Justin was there, but poorer and more punk rock and experimental, playing with a band in a remote far bedroom, very echoey, high ceilings, he was playing electric guitar and singing, the song ended every verse with “BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH”and then the chorus was  “BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING ME THE REBEL WITCH, BRING THE REBEL WITCH.”


I am entirely all better now (except my stream is still liable to come out like three small multi-sprays instead of the one big one we grew up with)...this product called Prosta-Col from is what fixed it, the prescription from the doctor was only a TINY BIT HELPFUL and it was a serious drug with potential side effects such as heart failure and death...whereas this Prosta-Col is herbs and OTC...

it did shrink my prostate which has altered the sexual functioning as follows...before shrinking it, I would get hard easy, take A LONG TIME to cum, and cum a large Prosta-Col, still get hard easy, cum much quicker, and only cum a more normal amount...hey I was probably SLIGHTLY BETTER OFF before with the sex part BUT THAT NO LONGER PISSING stuff was a fucking nightmare, this new mode is workable

how are your lungs SCREAAMM, be careful and stuff

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: July 29, 2017, 11:30:24 AM »

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: July 28, 2017, 03:15:04 PM »
well, they have lesser ones for $100...I think they started off as a $10,000 program with lots of medical-tests-of-the-customer, circa 2008... hopefully the price will keep shrinking

i will let you know how well they work.

Then I have to think about giving them to the cat, too.

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: July 27, 2017, 02:40:03 PM »
YEAH so I got a full-time job now...I haven't quite fucked it up yet...they say they will soon probably be offering me health insurance, I never ever get natural urge is to quit, I go to bed tired...I just want to see how this plays out, and at least pay my back property taxes, buy some guns, buy back the car title loan, and get a bottle of this $500 stuff that reverses aging, before I fuck this extra income up

the price fluctuates, I guess it's $600 today

LEX you should buy some, we will become young together...or young again's supposed to regrow telomeres, that is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:39:01 PM »
this guy makes some good points

72's Shithole / Re: Since I'm on the road, part tres
« on: July 01, 2017, 05:33:50 PM »

72's Shithole / Re: Since I'm on the road, part tres
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:31:33 AM »

72's Shithole / Re: Since I'm on the road, part tres
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:30:13 AM »

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:27:23 AM »
 ‘You're nursing from the breast of the Jaguar mother when she tears you from her nipple and flings you to the vipers that rip your flesh.’

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:05:05 AM »
THESE are the Instagram videos of OSCAR PEREZ who stole the helicopter and dropped the grenades on the VENEZUELAN SUPREME COURT or something. Look when he jumps out of the helicopter at 4:10 with the dog strapped on to him. What a good dog.

Oscar does cool stuff all day long apparently. I THINK HE IS STILL IN HIDING.

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: June 30, 2017, 10:58:32 AM »
How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water? You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. The location was known as “Barranca del Diablo.” “You don’t eat an elephant in one bite.” This was the same month that his parents bought what would eventually become the home farm on East Balsam Lake some eleven years later.  Snakes are not dangerous to you. There are no snakes in the bottom of your bed. Snakes are wise beings. They are your friends. “It was fascinating and unusual to say the least.” En la Unión las posibilidades aumentan. You either die the hero, or get locked up and become the villain.The Mangina brothers have been unable to find the hidden treasure in the so-called Honey Pot. “You are able to tell a Marxist system by its sparing of criminals and criminalization of political opponents.”   I am a man who goes out without knowing if he will return home because death is part of evolution.  She also possessed seven gallons of moonshine. Wenn ich Kultur höre … entsichere ich meinen Browning! STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. A prick is the best part of a man. A LEADER IS ONE WHO KNOWS THE WAY, GOES THE WAY, AND SHOWS THE WAY. DIFFERENT HORSES FOR DIFFERENT COURSES. Fundamentals do apply.  Everyone on the team had a job, knew their job and really focused on doing that. MY RICHES BEGGAR ME. “If the rabble continues to occupy itself with you, then simply don’t read that hogwash, but rather leave it for the reptile from whom it has been fabricated.”  “Don’t fight in the north, or in the south. Fight every battle everywhere, always, In your mind.” HE WHO CHOOSES HIS SLAVERY, IS HE A SLAVE STILL?  DO YOU LIKE blood…violence…freaks of nature? I might let you be my chauffeur.  Failed prophesies, false claims, rumours and simplistic teachings by self-proclaimed God Incarnate. The video was morphed and manipulated to misrepresent my personal life. My cat bolts awake, in a pool of sweat, screaming and crying your name.  “Any religion which considers life meaningless and full of misery, and teaches the hatred of life, is not a true religion. Religion is an art that shows how to enjoy life.” THAT’S NOT A VERY FRIENDLY GESTURE. Trustees found cash of USD 1,834,710, 98 kg of gold and silver articles weighing 307 kilograms from his private room, which again raised eyebrows.  However the surrounding scenery is enchanting. WHAT IS NATURAL IS GOOD, WHAT IS UNNATURAL IS IRRATIONAL. She’s beautiful and takes care of him. She’s his slave and you complain about making me breakfast.  “Some people don’t want to take responsibility for their own shit.” Necesito esto en este momento. DOG BARKS AT THE MOON AND NO ONE SAYS SHIT, BUT IF THE MOON BARKS BACK THE DOG BECOMES FAMOUS. “Roses are red, violets are blue, the police will need dental records to identify you. Bitch.”  Number one is the world, another is flesh and number three would be sin. I AM AN ANIMAL DRESSED AS A PERSON. Every poison is a medicine and vice versa.  Wer im Glashaus sitzt… It is already too late. Action is needed now. All duties are duties to ones self.  Heads I win, tails you lose. “They may call me a rube and a hick, but I’d a lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it.”NEVER ABOVE YOU, NEVER BELOW YOU, ALWAYS BESIDE YOU.  ‘If you want to be a success you have to be a team player. No one can do anything by themselves. I was taught that in the Army.’ I WORK WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU FOR A CHARITY.  The root of the evil is not the construction of new, more dreadful weapons. It is the spirit of conquest. He cannot speak and can only drink magic and milk with the aid of a straw. Established analytical techniques are shown to not capture the simulated dynamics. ‘You have conquered, O pale Galilean.’ NO messages saying 'I’m holding my position.’ We’re not holding a damned thing. We’re advancing constantly and not interested in holding anything except the enemy’s balls. We’re going to kick the living shit out of him all the time. Our plan of operation is to advance and keep on advancing. “If it ain’t country, it ain’t shit.” The worst of madmen is a saint run mad. If you were not engaged in any willful cheating or exploiting yourself, you do not need to worry about getting caught up in our work to separate out cheaters from the rest of the population. Where he asked the fuel attendant Biggie Tuna to refuel the car with $88 worth of fuel.   The smell of death is all around. At night when the cool wind blows. No one cares and nobody knows.  A coworker of mine used to write for Mountain Bike Magazine and Mantra For Reunion With Husband, avoid Klein Mantra Race Rock Shox Sid dual air front fork and a Fox Alps 5R rear shock Love vashikaran astrologer Guru ji, love marriage vashikaran specialist, Get Boyfriend.  If you want to see them cry, Poke em in the eye! Put their fingers in the sockets and watch them fry! We SPEAK our realities into existence. Speak about what you DESIRE. When you’re doing as much as you can do, you will not feel despair. Despair is the gap between what you could be and what you are doing. I took a bath when I was mad at you.  “Some things are up to us and some are not up to us. Our opinions are up to us, and our impulses, desires, aversions — in short, whatever is our own doing. Our bodies are not up to us, nor are our possessions, our reputations, or our public offices, or, that is, whatever is not our own doing.” MY HAIR AND MY SKIN MEANS NEARLY EVERYTHING TO ME. DON’T GO, GODZILLA. “Girls like you, you aren’t ‘sorry,’ you’re scum.” JESUS SAVES LEFTOVERS, Satan makes snacks. IF THEY WON’T WALK, THEY GET DRAGGED.  The cemetery is near Bayou Shaffer and between the bayou and railroad tracks that run through Morgan City. It takes a committee of smart white people to figure out how to make a job SO EASY that a black person can more or less do it. In some low-lying bayou communities, water has entered homes and businesses or is being kept out by sandbags. NEVER ACCEPT THE FIRST OFFER. JUST KEEP SWIMMING.  “Follow the chain of command without exception. Submit yourselves, as the saying goes, to the authorities that have been placed above you. Trust your superiors, trust your orders, and you’ll serve and lead well.” MANNERS COST NOTHING IN LIFE.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. NOT MY MONKEYS, NOT MY CIRCUS.  “You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, ‘There is a price we will not pay.’  'There is a point beyond which they must not advance.’” “Muß ich denn sterben, Um zu leben?” “Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers.”  There are no direct benefits to you for participating.  Whatever the technology, in-person payment acceptance has one role: to be the Point of Trust between merchant and customer. People don’t always remember what you do or say, but they will always remember how you make them feel. BEHIND EVERY MOUNTAIN, IS A HIGHER MOUNTAIN.  You might, for example, when we moved to diamond research paper Florence, Italy, in 229. He is the audience. At the station together.  No tai chi qi gong, No WiFi league bowling, due to garage sale and bake sale set-up for Friday, UNDERSEA SENIOR CENTER SERVICES. Hot Towel Tuna Bodywork. Parameter settings substantially impacted performances, underscoring the importance of program reproducibility. Bought recently at local shop. Used once! Just to try it. Impulse buy but it’s too small for me. It really is a gem. So nice. Just not for me. Oh well that’s how it goes.  “Hagas lo que hagas, siempre te van a criticar, así que haz lo que se te dé la gana.”  My brother gave me 2 Derringers. I could actually hold the gun in my hand. We discussed if I should keep one by the bedside. He said no – the bullet in that gun would not kill someone at the foot of my bed. He gave me a bigger gun said get in the corner and shoot anyone who stands in the doorway.  “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain.” It is really hard to spot bubbles with any confidence before they burst. The Fed has limited policy tools to stop a bubble from growing, even if we thought we spotted one. The costs of making policy mistakes can be very high, so we must proceed with caution. What we can and must do is ensure that the financial system is strong enough to withstand the inevitable bursting of a bubble. And finally, monetary policy should be used only as a last resort to address asset prices, because the costs to the economy of such a policy response are potentially so large. There were fires lit, rubbish dumped and human excrement left behind. I NEED A MINUTE. “When a Leftist Christian has to decide between Leftism and the teachings of Christ, he goes Left. When a Leftist Scout has to decide between Leftism and the teachings of Robert Baden Powell, he goes Left. Leftists put Leftism before all other loyalties.” Hit me up with a pic if you are horny and want to have great sex and fun time. YOUR SON LOOKS BLACK TO ME.  I am a psychotherapist, and I am qualified to make that statement. Everyone is, at their core, a greedy, selfish idiot who will kill you if they need to. ‘I have been humiliated, cursed and degraded. I fear nothing.’ I do not care of these things [sic]. Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.  “Seen one pair… and you wanna see all the rest.” On the first day of the month I was in my house alone and was resting on my bed and slept. People Are Going to Hate You No Matter What You Do. BLAMING ONLY MAKES YOU WEAKER.  People Don’t Think of You as Much as You Think They Do. THE MESSAGE WE NEED, WE DO NOT WANT.  It’s against my programming to impersonate a deity. Dinosaurs are no good for my mobile animal grooming business. Barefoot with hair flute. SLAP ME WHEN YOU SEE ME. ARE YOU PREGNANT OR JUST BREATHING?  Instead you can chant Hare Krishna, and your life will be sublime.  LAS AGUILAS ANDAN SOLAS. HAVE A BIT OF A JOSTLE.  THE WRATH OF GOD, you don’t want that.  “All misery on earth is a business model.”  “If they bring a knife, you bring a gun.” Wolves are K-strategists, designed for when resources are too limited for everyone to survive. The five traits of a K-strategist are competitiveness/ aggressiveness/protectiveness, competitive mate monopolization/ monogamy, high-investment two-parent rearing, only mating when mature, and high loyalty to one’s competitive in-group. All these traits either help you win when you have to fight, or produce and protect fitter offspring, so they will win in a dangerous world that culls the weak.  You never know what the future holds, and I would hate to take this to my grave.  “An editor should have a pimp for a brother so he’d have someone to look up to.” The subconscious goal of every Liberal ideologue in matters of group conflict is to have it both ways. Betray their in-group to gain the favor of the out-group, while maintaining they cannot be attacked by the in-group they betrayed due to the warrior’s loyalty to in-group. If the in-group wins, they protest they are a part of the in-group, and shouldn’t be killed by their own people. If the out-group wins, then they plead that they helped the out-group and should benefit from favoritism. Liberalism in group competition is just a strategy of using intellectualism to justify treason to in-group for personal self-interest. The most amazing aspect is, Liberals can blind themselves to this reality, right up until you find a way to unarguably call them out on it. “Know yourself and know your enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” YOU DON’T WANT IT FLACCID, AND YOU DON’T WANT IT HARD. Bullshit, they write, is language “constructed to impress upon the reader some sense of profundity at the expense of a clear exposition of meaning or truth.” There are those that say the Devil chooses his servants; others say that they choose him. We are infinitely free beings, embodiment of love on every level, sparks of the divine, perfect and full! “Doubt your doubts.” Would you be interested assisting in the operation of a secret mountain retreat center? The sun never sets on the British Empire. “You’d have to grow an inch or two to be short.” AIN’T IT ALWAYS. IF YOU DON’T ASK, YOU DON’T GET. Follow the line of power. Who does it serve? If you choose to live, you must live as a man–by the work and the judgment of your mind. You had one job. ONE. JOB. My Daddy always said not to rub another man’s rhubarb, especially not when’s someone’s rubbing it first. THE QURAN IS OUR LAW, JIHAD IS OUR WAY. FINISH THE THINGS YOU START. Even a billion years of lead time is plenty to dominate the local supercluster, let alone the galaxy. I HAVE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF AGENCY THAT CAN SOLVE INTERNAL CO-ORDINATION PROBLEMS. (Not taking humans into account can lead to anthropic biases: we are not observing a randomly selected sample from all possible universes but rather a sample from universes compatible with our existence.) While discounting prices of commodities makes economic sense it may not make sense to discount value itself.  “Ya cain’t have law and order wherever ya got niggers!"THAT’S NOT THE ANSWER I WANTED.  The more you stir a turd, the more it stinks.  Doctor Bernardo made me an orphan."There are only two kinds of people, those who say they are good and those who get caught.” Maybe when people will understand the everyday agony of a prostitute, perhaps, they would change. IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO ATONE FOR, EXAMINE YOUR GOOD DEEDS. I enjoying talking for hours and eating at buffets. Sometimes sitting at a forest preserve is nice as well. Now consider this sentence: My product has benefits.Hypnotic Sales Somebody will read that, think, “yea, right” and then go somewhere else. But how about this: Many people have discovered that my product has plenty of benefits. Or how about this:One of the things people like about my product is that it has many benefits. Oh, really? Let’s look at the presuppositions:“One of the things..” presupposes that there are other things. And just like you imagined your own animal in that story above, your customers will imagine what “those things” are. “…people like about my product…” presupposes that people like your product. What people? The kind your reader will imagine, that’s who! The best kind! The perfect social proof kind! So you see, we can presuppose pretty much anything. And when we presuppose vague things, your readers / customers / subscribers will naturally fill in the blanks on their own!And when selling, what do you want to presuppose?• Social Proof• Authority• The Benefits Your Product Delivers. How many patterns are there ?Plenty! NO TRAFFIC, NO SIREN. I was down behind the henhouse on my knees WHEN I THOUGHT I heard that chicken sneeze.  To be successful, find someone who is successful and copy what they do. I faced east in sacrifice and then I ate a feast of snacks and rice. After escaping a rapist, two girls drive away in the desert. Please do not respond to this email - This is a non respond email. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF… AND IT’S ALL SMALL STUFF.    “Let us begin, brothers, to serve the Lord God, for up until now we have done little or nothing.” That enigmatic sense of belonging at the end of life, at the end of an era, in the middle of so much failure, when we just want to rest and put the past behind us.   “I have done what is mine; may Christ teach you what is yours!” THE BEST CRITICISM OF THE BAD IS THE PRACTICE OF THE BETTER. Help me  to do what is mine to do. There Is Nothing to Regret (God Uses Everything in Our Favor).  This red flag is likely a more effective indicator when combined with other warning signs.  That sense of belonging at the end of life, at the end of an era, amidst total failure, when we just want to rest and put the past behind us.  Something is feeding off of our tidal misery and we cannot find the awareness velocity to catapult ourselves out of here.  I AM so self-centered and cold-hearted that I simply believe that I can get away with terrible behavior.  Liars use reference points of honesty against their victims.  That the South wind shall scorch their bodies and make them wither and shall not be tempered to them. That the North wind shall freeze their blood and numb their muscles and that it shall not be tempered to them. That the West wind shall blow away their life’s breath and will not leave their hair grow, and that their fingernails shall fall off and their bones shall crumble. That the East wind shall make their minds grow dark, their sight shall fall and their seed dry up so that they shall not multiply.  I haven’t felt like this since the time I got lost on an escalator when I was eight.  Like the Good Book says, a wise man prepares, a fool takes his chances. Do not be fooled: this show is very bad. The navigation problem is decomposed into a series of classification tasks. MULTICULTURALISM IS GENOCIDE. Don’t test on animals, test on subhumans. Do not rely on following the degree of understanding that you have discovered, but simply think, “This is not enough." A samurai will use a toothpick even though he has not eaten. Inside the skin of a dog, outside the hide of a tiger. When delivering something like an important letter or other written materials, grasp it firmly in your hand as you go and do not release it once, but hand it over directly to the recipient. "I think you have a happy family life if your children can appreciate and understand and agree with most of one’s own prejudices."  “Your attention please. Please abide by the sharia dress code, or there will be consequences.”  Abe himself will be as deeply concerned with the sex tape because of Theo having a high-functioning autism.  AHYB (Always help your brother).  The focus of policymakers will shift from evidence and facts to values and goals.  Data collection will be centralized; decision-making can be decentralized.

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
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