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72's Shithole / Re: Yellowstone building?
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:37:49 PM »


72's Shithole / Re: Yellowstone building?
« on: June 14, 2017, 07:34:31 PM »

72's Shithole / Yellowstone building?
« on: June 14, 2017, 06:32:41 PM »
Yellowstone building? Revenge of Doom!!!
In a bid to fight the spam (apparently by a disgruntled mod with their panties in a twist):

Is Yellowstone building to an eruption? Is that what will trigger the end times?

Here are some facts as of 6/14/2017 at 3:00 am central time:

It has 2 large magma chambers that are filling up. One is many times more massive than they thought.

Over the past year, the Shoshone river in Yellowstone has been heating up, reaching boiling temperature in places.

There are places around Yellowstone that are smoking that people have never seen smoking before.

There have been over 30 earthquakes in or very near Yellowstone in the past 6 days. 27 of those being within 2 days.

Do a search for Yellowstone changes 2017 and look for an article titled "Yellowstone Eruption 2017?"


Chinese Company Gobbles Up Grindr
The hookup app is now solely owned by a Chinese corporation.

MAY 26 2017 5:17 PM EDT
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After purchasing 62 percent of the gay hookup app Grindr last year for $88 million, a Chinese tech company has plunked down another $152 million to buy the remaining percentage.

Beijing Kunlun Tech is now the sole owner of eight-year-old Grindr, which reaches 27 million people in nearly 200 countries.

“It is of strategic importance for us to fully engage in the daily operations of Grindr and make it our development milestone,” Kunlun said in a statement, as reported by the South China Morning Post. “[With the deal], we also aim to be a world leading social media company in the future, and to expand our platforms into film, streaming and animation,”

« on: May 27, 2017, 08:01:44 AM »
As we all know, Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men (and many misguided women now too!) who died while serving in America's armed forces. The holiday, which is observed on the last Monday of May, originated in 1868 as Decoration Day.
Families of the Northern dead would decorate the graves of their kinfolk with flags and flowers. By 1900, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions, celebrated on different days, had merged into a single Memorial Day, which was eventually extended to honor all Americans who died in military service.
Since World War II, the stupid cliche of "thank our veterans for our freedom" was unofficially attached to the day. Of course, American haven't died in defense of freedom since the complicated and nuanced Civil War -- with northerners dying to remain free of the dangers of a Rothschild-divided America; and southerners dying for the right of state sovereignty.
So, this Memorial Day, with all due respect to the veterans, let us dispense with all this "thank you for our freedom" bullshit and declare a more historically accurate "gratitude" to the deserving parties (cough cough).
Sorry to rain on your Memorial Day Parade, pops --- but with all respect and affection, you and your buddies got played for chumps.
1898: Thank you Globalists for the gift of the Spanish-American War in which 2,450 Americans were killed so that the New World Order could establish a presence in the Asian Pacific (Philippines & Guam). 
1898-1913: Thank you Globalists for the gift of the Philippines War in which 4,200American were killed so that the Filipinos, to whom you promised independence in exchange for rising up against Spain, could be kept under control.
1900-1901: Thank you Globalists for the Boxer Rebellion in which 131 Americans were killed so that the Chinese could be kept in line.
1917-1918: Thank you Globalists and Zionists for World War I in which 120,000Americans were killed so that the first steps of world government could be taken in Europe (League of Nations) and Palestine could be stolen from the Turks and their Arab subjects. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQUNAj1kTiP4Jp8aRIMC0p
Spanish-American War -- Philippines War -- World War I
1941-1945: Thank you Globalists and Zionists for World War II in which 410,000Americans were killed so that Germany and Japan could be enslaved to the New World Order, and Britain eventually forced to turn over most of Palestine to the Jews.
1950-1953: Thank you Globalists for the Korean War in which 36,000 Americans were killed in a rigged no-win war designed to maintain a permanent trip-wire between the two Koreas.
1965-1975: Thank you Globalists for the Vietnam War in which 58,000 Americans were killed in another rigged no-win war designed to drain and destabilize America.
World War II -- Korean War -- Vietnam War

1982-1984: Thank you Globalists and Zionists for the Beirut Deployment in which 266 Americans were killed in a false-flag attack staged by Israel and blamed on "terrorists."
1990-1991: Thank you Globalists and Zionists for the Gulf War in which 300Americans were killed so that the rising power of politically independent Iraq could be weakened.
2001-2011: Thank you Globalists and Zionists for the War on Terror in which 7000 Americans were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq as part of a multi-trillion dollar farce kicked-off after the false-flag terror attacks of September 11, 2001.
Beirut -- Iraq -- Afghanistan
"They died to keep us free." eh Boobus? ---- ---- ----
We can best honor our dead veterans by exposing the "who" and the "why" behind their tragic and premature deaths.
  Boobus Americanus 1: You're a Vietnam vet, right?
Boobus Americanus 2: Yes I am.
Boobus Americanus 1: Thank you for my freedom!
Boobus Americanus 2: Your welcome!
 "Hey Boobus! We lost the frickin' Vietnam War!"
(Actually, Sugar, we the people lost every war of the last 120 years. Only the Globalist-Zionist crime syndicate wins wars.)



72's Shithole / Re: WELCOME BACK FAGGOTS !!!
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Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: If Trump 'took a dump on his desk you'd defend it'
CNN anchor later apologizes for his choice of words
Photo: Anderson Cooper via TwitterAnderson Cooper is a CNN anchor and correspondent on CBS show 60 Minutes.20 May 2017by Greg Hernandez 
Anderson Cooper has been exasperated by Donald Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord in the past but this seemed to take the cake.
Cooper has CNN contributor Lord on his show Friday (19 March)to discuss Trump reportedly calling former FBI Director James Comey a ‘nut job’ while meeting with Russian officials at the White House.
Lord continued his usual steadfast defense of Trump which typically occurs no matter what the beleaguered US president does or says.
‘I don’t care what he says to the Russians. I mean, he’s the president of the United States,’ Lord said.
‘If he wants to say that, if Barack Obama wants to say whatever, if George Bush says I looked in his eyes …’
Cooper interrupted Lord at that point and said: ‘If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.’

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