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72's Shithole / The Cat
« on: March 25, 2017, 06:59:05 PM »
I just lost a whole story I was writing on my dinky smartphone here at work it's dead out I am sitting in front of the 24 hour WinCo Foods and these fat stupid young girls are screaming OH MY VAGINA trying to get people to look at them in the parking lot

72's Shithole / Re: I'm back
« on: March 22, 2017, 03:46:04 PM »
NEW job is nice, are you doing Python and Ruby?
A friend of mine is doing this boot camp:

except when she started it it wasn't hooked up to the University of Utah and it was $11,000 for 11 weeks

she says it's great, I ought to do it...I'ma wait and see what job she gets out of it...she knows people who have gotten good jobs out of it, already...she didn't know any more coding than I do, to begin with...

what do you think, Syndi?

the real problem is not the school or the job market (Of Course) but one will hire me out of the school because I hate everybody and I have rotten teeth and I don't want to be it is a lazy man's weakness of mind, I like to find one thing (oh I will go to school, oh this, oh that) and pin future hopes on it... whereas if I were less lazy and worthless, day to day, on a granular level, THAT WOULD BE BETTER than having a big plan

plus I should write commercial works like HARRY POTTER code will write itself in about five minutes, those jobs go bye-bye

yeah so, since last AMKON check-in I managed to quit that one good job driving for Sundance festival guests...I was making two hundred bucks a day (good money in my world, but, they angered me, I got that angry buffalo thing, better I leave)

just now I got two new jobs, been driving for a different cab company where instead of paying out a fixed amount per shift, they just take a percentage...I am required to show up FRI SAT SUN nights, I can about stand to do that 36 hours

then today I just took the drug test for this weird "front end of e-commerce" job, they been talking to me for weeks, they are dreamy and slowly, the plan is doing that 30 hours part time on weekdays to start, doing both jobs at once...presumably next week that will start

I don't understand their business model, it's like UPS and eBay with apps?

anyway, hi kids, missed y'all

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