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72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 25, 2017, 07:21:34 PM »
resize photo

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 25, 2017, 07:20:30 PM »
so I got my catheter out...been sticking tubes up my urethra for like ten days now...the only thing that seems to be working is when I finally got this PROSTACOL product in the mail from, I got that Monday and already I am getting some flow, I can piss as much as a coffee cup full (so don't drink coffee at my house then, fine, I am busy with medical emergency anyway)

this was just outside my door 24 hours ago...all type of bums and dope fiends and freaks live in my fucking stairwells...this one was with two others, stupid old speedfreak bitch knocks at my door 5 am smoking a cigarette, I have this huge sign on the door OXYGEN NO SMOKING, asking me about some chick named Trinity I supposedly have hidden in here, wouldn't take no for an answer, I get to yelling and run her and her Mexican buddy off, I'm in my boxers, I was pissed...but so Foolio in the photo sleeps through all the yelling, just lying there in my hallway...I should have stolen the guitar really

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 17, 2017, 06:24:54 PM »

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 17, 2017, 06:02:43 PM »

I AM SMALL BUT FIERCE AND REMAIN ACTIVE. SNITCHES GET STITCHES.“If those guys want to go in there and do that to themselves, go ahead, that’s your life, that’s your body, that’s your future,” he said. “But for me, I’m destined to do something greater.” My cat is an influential member in several occult organizations. “Freedom without sexual self-determination is in itself a contradiction.”  She didn’t want to be the reason he couldn’t; she wanted to be the reason he didn’t.  But that happened some time ago. What have I done recently that would bring shame?  Designed to gently guide you into states of deep relaxation, emotional release and inner peace. BUM BOATIE ONLY.  A chicken hatching a duck is not important news, but it had not happened in my presence and never to this particular chicken or this duck which, according to what I’ve read, may look like a duck and walk like a duck but isn’t actually a duck. The experience has been a learning curve for us all, especially the chicken. He always did have a propensity to READ THE STAGE DIRECTIONS ALOUD as if they were his actual lines.  A lot of people don’t understand that.  Love affairs get too involved, and they’re not really worth it. But if, for some reason, you feel that they are, you should put in exactly as much time and energy as the other person. In other words, “I’ll pay you if you pay me.” The one thing that I learned about talk shows, you have to talk to the people. And they like the underdog. I was always the guy trying to make it: He reaches for the stars, but he doesn’t quite make it. “You never approach anyone by accusing. I never press on anyone.”  The top drawer will be the stuff that’s useful all the time, and the second drawer will be the stuff that you can’t fit in the top.  Old men never see; in fact men hardly see at all. Sometimes young women see part, but men rarely ever see at all.  The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them. IF YOU WANT TO LOOK, YOU HAVE TO SHOW. YOU KNOW NOTHING, JON SNOW.  There is absolutely no place in the world for hate, violence, abuse, discrimination or predatory behavior of any kind.  “A grain of salt in the hand is worth a bird in the horse’s mouth.” He might not suck on one but rest assured he would lay it in his mouth for a short taste.  A true man steals a woman from afar, t’ strengthen the clan. Women who bed brothers or fathers or clan kin offend the gods, and are cursed with weak and sickly children. Even monsters.  “All men must die, but not for a long while, we may pray.” Why do the gods make kings and queens, if not to protect the ones who can’t protect themselves?  This is how it was meant to be. The other was a nightmare, and I have only now awakened.  Wolves are supposed to be brave, aren’t they? COURTESY IS A LADY’S ARMOR.  All she felt was pity, and pity was death to desire.  Definition of Irish Alzheimers’? You forget everything but your grudges.  Aspies are frequently copying the behaviour of neurotypicals, but Aspie women are much more successful at making it seem natural than are Aspie men (a psychiatrist with a special interest in autism told me this). Learn Tantra and give the gift that keeps on giving. Learn to receive to then be able to give to your partner. “JACK OFF ALL DICKS, MASTER OF NUTS.”  “The FBI does not encourage payment of ransom as it keeps the criminals in business. Of course, the individual victim must weigh their options.” FEAR ME. NEVER TOUCH THE WEAVE.  “I am heat, I am sun.” NEVER TRUST A MAN WITH THREE FIRST NAMES. Now the happily married couple lives in a gun-filled mansion in Tennessee. Lower standards always win out when the group chooses. PETTY PETTY PETTY PETTY. That’s love, baby. ON VA TOUT PETER. They all looked like action heros but talked like mean girls. Never welcome an investigation into Scientology, but rather, deflect by saying, “We would welcome an investigation INTO YOU.” Never defend, always attack. COMMAND INTENTION. You don’t have permission to leave the base. CONSENT BELONGS TO THE INDIVIDUAL.  I HEREBY SPECIFICALLY WITHDRAW MY CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED BY YOUR RULES. 1. Submit one or more Before photos taken within three days of beginning the contest. What do they know that they were not taught? WE HOPE FOR THE BEST SO PREPARE FOR THE WORST. ARE YOUR BONES GETTING STRONGER? FINALLY GIVE US THE VAMPIRE KING THAT WE DESERVE.  Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.  Trust is like a mirror. Trust is like a piece if paper. Trust is like a rubber. All it took was a 12 step program. I do not give the rose very easily. WE SHOULD DRESS YOU IN PINK TO MAKE THE BOYS WINK. What’s the big deal, we had sex before. “Exercise patience and deliberation, for it is among the qualities loved by Allah and His Messenger, peace be upon him. Accomplish your goals with secrecy. Attain the highest level of perfection in your actions, exercise utmost care and caution, and prepare diligently to inflict crippling losses on those who have disbelieved.” Split Open his head to the point that his face was not recognizable. “Be perfect in your choice of targets, so that you may damage your enemies more. Be professional in your choice of weapons. It is not necessary that it should be a military tool. If you are able to pick a firearm, well and good; if not, the options are many.” WITH GREAT FAME COMES GREAT ENTITLEMENT. Do you kiss your shrimp with that fish? When people say who they are, believe them. I was my own hero, till I actually met myself. IF IT HAPPENS THREE TIMES, IT HAS TO BE AN EPIDEMIC. GIRLS GIRLS YOU’RE BOTH PRETTY.  Perhaps she should replace her positive thinking with just plain thinking.  Simple Pleasures Are Life’s Greatest Treasures. “Remember that your house is meant to be lived in, not admired.“ I don’t expect to ever know the truth. I’VE GOT SPIES. I will lead on softly, according as the cattle that goeth before me and the children be able to endure.  “I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers.” I’M WELL AWARE I’M NOT PERFECT, BUT I’M NOT THE ANTICHRIST EITHER.  A more complete obituary is forthcoming; please check back.  Marvel at my PRACTICAL OSCILLATION to obtain money, fame, advantage, charm, pleasure, wisdom or some other form of pretense or deception.  Hypnosis is just a word that represents whatever you think it is. So call it what you will. La actriz de telenovelas lanzó una canción de reggaetón. Treat the word “impossible” as nothing more than inspiration. My Higher Self is Misrule. I DON’T THINK THERE NEEDS TO BE A BOOK FOR THAT.  As you walk through the gate here onto the grounds of the cemetery, you can really feel the history. BROWSE GRAVES.  I can’t remember being remorseful. “Pain starts past six hours. Madness starts past 12 hours; hell starts past 20 hours!” Destroy target red creature. I align myself with the truth, and I true myself with a line. I sell the truth, and I true my width in line. I align the truth, and I thrust my missile within you, and I threw my true self with a lie. I sell the truth, and I drew my width in a line. I align the truth, and I thrust my missile within you, and I threw my true self with a lie gh;sf'h;fs'h;sgh; sgh;sgh; sg;hs'fhs  g;hs'sg;h'sg;h s'gh;gsh ;g'j;dgh'j;dhg’‘j;dgh'jd g;fg;h’d;h'sf;h'sf;h’'sg’h;f’;h' sfghgffgdhdgg.“It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.” What a man does with his wife does not concern the authorities. 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THIS IS HOW I ALWAYS IMAGINED IT. WRITE IT DOWN AND LOOK AT IT.  The body is like an instrument and the ecstasy is sound vibration. If you tune your body more, you’ll vibrate better.  “No President, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow.” It’s time to stand up! Europe is ours, the rest must go! She survived for months on drinking water from melting snow and eating apples from a single apple tree in the yard.  In Action Watch The Timing.  A mí nadie me extraña, soy algo así como un lunes.  The room is large and equipped with a study table, sofa and a king sized bed. A tea coffee. The bathroom has a separate shower area but no tub. The sofa in the room had a few coffee stains. The lobby is plush with music playing. There is a fridge but no mini bar. “We are prepared to know that we will die, but we are never prepared to know when.” (Peace Love Unity Respect).  Man always seeks out religion…. when they have destroyed the old they create a new one. It is easier to work than to be taken care of, for sure…you get more time off, when you work.   Blaming a rape victim is never acceptable. THERE ARE NO CELEBRITIES IN UMPTOWN. I am moving from the emergency phase to the recovery phase. HE’S NOT A MORNING PERSON.  “I don’t think a commission agreement is enforceable without writing.  Without a written agreement, I think the client can back out of the deal.” “I never try to judge other people. I never tell anybody else they’re wrong. We can agree to disagree.” See the turtle with enormous girth, on his back sits the earth.  “I’m innocent. I didn’t do anything. You can’t prove it.” Where a prostitute using the name “Serenity” agreed to perform sexual acts for $250.   “Because nothing’s new in the world. Nothing’s new since Genesis.” I never take breakfast in evening-wear. I had no idea at that time what a difference that realization was to make in my life, but as I look back I recognize now that that was the seminal moment of the person I was to become. “Life is filled with risk.” ASI ES la vida Que caprichosa a veces negra a veces rosa.  I wanted to be the new me in the place where my former self lived. “Well, we’ll just have to burn that bridge down after we fall off of it.” Now I feel betrayed by you, just like all those others betrayed me. They’re-all-whores-and-the-ones-who-say-they’re-not-are-lying-whores.  WE AIN’T WAITIN ON ME. I have to dance with the one that brung me till I ride the horse I came in on.  Learning how to die, according to Montaigne, is unlearning how to be a slave. If you eat cupcakes wearing headphones the frosting impacts your uvula. When I tried to restrain him and convince him to calm down, he grabbed my neck and asked me not to interfere. He lives in Ika with his wife and balances his time between compassion, joy, shit, and piss. He smokes lemons and eats orchids like a bitch. “I expect to lose half of you before I’m finished. I will use every means necessary — fair and unfair — to trip you up, to expose your weaknesses.”“We would rather be ruined than changed. We would rather die in our dread than climb the cross of the moment and let our illusions die.” “I feel sorry for that guy 23 hours and 55 minutes of the day.” “Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others.” DON’T CALL 911 ON ME HOMIE, IT DOES NOT COUNT AS SUICIDAL TO SAY THAT IF THIS IS ALL THEY GOT LEFT FOR ME, I AM NOW FOLD UP MY TENTS AND FADE AWAY. Who blindly walks down a lonely street? I can warm a skinned fox with my horny feet. Clinically, patients have cherry red spots, normal intelligence, and a progressive cerebellar ataxia, with intention myoclonus and tremor.  WE ARE MILLIONS A MILLINER OWES.  And I would further suggest conceptually that L.A.N.D. = Life According to Natural Development and that every human being was created to be M.E.M.P.H.I.S. (Missioned and Empowered to Monitor and Perfect His/her Industrious Soul).  We were given two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak. Coming to you live from THE CURSED BED. “You can’t Ika Wong IKA WONG.” There’s an impatience and arrogance buried in all highly attractive people, like they’re accustomed to getting away with something. I am among the ten dead men who have just dropped out of the top twenty-five dead men who are persistently rumored still to be alive. THE OTHER MEN ARE ACCUSED OF BEING CO-CONSPIRATORS, MAKING THE CASE COMPLEX.  In the era of evidence-based practice, we need practice-based evidence.  (Stumble in the second act! comeback in the third act!).  Everyone knows a good salesman is lying when he says he can offer a really great deal, but only for you and only today—but the tactic still works. People are willing to believe the unbelievable in order to get what they want. Too many laws is never enough. We don’t want weaklings in the chain. No wonder dead goats have no feelings. “From age ten until the time of marriage, neither boys nor girls were allowed to speak their own names out loud. The Pima Indians believed such an act would bring bad luck to the children and their future. Similarly, people in the tribe do not say aloud the names of deceased people, in order to avoid bad luck by calling their spirits back among the living. But the word or words in the name are not dropped from the language.”He initiates a mating ritual by painting messages on himself and performing a courtship dance.  The United States of America: created by white people, for white people. Purge the Xenos. Ave Imperator.

so I been to the I have to drain myself every day with a catheter for the next three months...(urologist says once a day, but I think that he thinks my pissing is better than it is, twice a day is correct)...that all-the-time Foley catheter I had on for ten days, before yesterday, reshaped my scar tissue, blah blah blah, it's like I had a piercing or something

I am surprised to find out though, that even though it is SLIGHTLY painful, and freakish, sliding the thin plastic hose up the dick, then tapping the bladder, then SLOWLY retracting the plastic tube after...all this DOES PRODUCE a feeling of LOOK I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS TRICK, NOW...MARVEL AT MY DIVERSE SELF-MANAGEMENT

you ever have catheter problems, in your long life, o SCREAAAAMMMM?

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72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 11, 2017, 09:25:22 AM »
I just pulled a raisin-sized scab or exudate out of my urethra.

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« on: May 10, 2017, 09:09:29 AM »

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 09, 2017, 02:22:56 PM »
Ginger Blossom, owner of a store by the same name in Richmond, credited a family dog with waking her up early Sunday and alerting her to an attic fire in the Route 173 property.

"She's my little hero dog," Blossom said on Monday. "I didn't know anything was amiss."

The fire was at the main house and did not affect the other buildings on the old dairy farm that houses Blossom's import business of fair trade items including crafts, clothing and art.

The farm, at 3016 Route 173, west of Antioch, is known for its metal animal sculptures that can be seen from the highway.

According to Richmond Fire Protection Chief Rick Gallas, the first firefighters arrived on the scene at 6:30 a.m. Sunday.

"We had flames coming off the back, and smoke," Gallas said "The homeowner was awakened by her dog, and there were no working smoke detectors in that area of the house."

Gallas said damage was estimated at $40,000, and the cause of the fire is under investigation but could be electrical.

With no hydrants in the area, Gallas said an extra alarm was called to bring more tanker trucks to the scene.

"We had 90 percent of the fire out in 15 minutes and the rest in a half-hour," Gallas said. "We had to pull the ceiling to make sure we got it all."
Blossom said after being awakened by her dog, Emie, she called 911, put Emie in a car parked a safe distance from the house, and propped open the front door so her cats could escape. She said she then took a hose out and started to try and slow the fire down.

"The fire department was there in about 8 minutes," she said. "They were phenomenal; they were very quick."

She said Emie has been her hero dog "on multiple occasions," including once when the dog chased off a coyote that was stalking a smaller dog, and another time when she brought Emie to a forest preserve for a walk and ran into a suspicious man who Emie made sure never got too close.

She said the business was open on Monday, and that she and all her animals were uninjured.

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72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
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I pull off most of my BIG-A genitalia.  At lunch I would see my girl. I have never been late before. I LOVE HEARING BITCHES LIKE YOU BEG. Those are the ones that we warned you about.  Why else would they be making the pitch? “One should not initiate his attack until the target has fully entered the property and is comfortable, so as to avoid any struggle and prevent the chance of him fleeing.“WE SHIP IT.  Locations suggested for public hostage-taking operations include malls, movie theaters, nightclubs, ice-skating rinks, restaurants and college campuses – any peak-traffic, preferably low-light environment that “allows for one to take control of the situation by rounding up the kuffar present inside and allows one to massacre them while using the building as a natural defense against any responding force attempting to enter and bring the operation to a quick halt.” Operations with fewer jihadists taking part are encouraged to pick a target with fewer exits. I’M NOT A FAB, A FAKE-ASS BITCH. If you aren’t happy single you won’t be happy taken. Happiness comes from within not from men.  “Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.” It smells like masses of darkness. YOU DON’T SEE THINGS BEHIND UNSOBER EYES. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT PRODUCTION. KEEP DANCING. In the years to come, you will have all kinds of unwanted information and advice.  We will ferret out and mercilessly.  As my Daddy used to say, “There’s a lid for every pot.” A mechanic and earrings don’t go together. DON’T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME.  Your rights come from God, not from Obama. WAR IS THE LAST CREATIVE ACT. And as Kurt Vonnegut once said, you are what you act like.  His parents had no cordial interaction with neighbours and their relatives therefore no one cared about disappearance. One of these days I am going to catch you. I BET YOUR PARENTS CARRIED YOU BY YOUR FEET. Men who aren’t governed by God will be governed by tyrants.  Price controls do not control prices, they control and limit supply.  “If you’re not white, you’re not right, have a great weekend.” Obey him. Worship him. Bow down before him. Kneel. Or—perish. No victory would ever be as sweet as this.  The invasion was more massive than anything that had ever been, or for that matter, might ever be in the future. The Hounds of Hell were chomping at the bit and struggling for freedom from the shackles that held them tight to the very Gates of Hell.  Welcome to Hell. Check your soul at the gate. HOW DO WE GET TO “YES”?  “Boli se naheen, goli sey.”  Or, is it the seemingly impregnable majority, which is leading this man into pathways of hubris, which clouds his reason? EVIL NEVER DIES. YOU CAN’T KILL THE UNDEAD. DELAY IS PREFERABLE ERROR.  “You believe in God but you get no special dispensation for this belief now. You’re an old man sitting by a fire. You’re the mist rolling off the sea. You’re a distant memory in the mind of your creator, don’t you see?“  Freedom is our natural state of being.  MOM IT’S NOT A PHASE!!  Its dull red eyes fixed on Jerry’s frightened face.  Previously recorded videos may contain expired pricing, exclusivity claims, or promotional offers.  He’s trouble and will more than likely assault you if you are a female. Heed my warning. LIFE BEGAN WITH WAKING UP AND LOVING MY MOTHER’S FACE.  Even the sloth catches a leaf in a big old jungle. “Looks like Tarzan, walks like Jane and smells like Cheetah.”He then understood that my tactics might not have limits.  If I was so good at deceiving other people, I could have been gaming him too. “If you can’t save everything the way it used to be, save what you can the way it is now.” Bright luxury makeup. Black demon eyes. Bullets for kebabs nukes for Mecca.  She was frightened by horses’ eyes, faces at the window, and she had a scoop mark on her leg. I just appeared overnight and I couldn’t explain how I happened. DON’T GET HIGH ON YOUR OWN SUPPLY. But we don’t always listen to the rules. I mean the kindness that comes from enormous strength, from an inner power so strong that every act, no matter what, is more proof of that power. That’s what all women resent. That’s why they try to cut ya down, because your knowledge of yourself and them is so right, so true, that it exposes the lies by which they, every scheming one of them, live by. It takes a true woman to understand that the purest form of love is to love a man who denies himself to her - a man who inspires worship, because he has no need for any woman, because he has himself. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS IS TO KILL YOURSELF. The devil whispers: You can’t withstand the Storm. The Warrior reply: ‘I Am the STORM.'He hallucinated zombies, gore, and saw the faces of strangers morph into those of people he knew.  I HAD NOT EXPECTED TO BE INSULTED SO ABRUPTLY..   When you help me train and groom and fuck other cunts who are younger and prettier than yourself. A WOMAN’S HEART IS AS DUMB AS A GUY’S DICK. EASY COME, EASY GO. Real women make my dick hard but they don’t feel the need to make MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE so hard and stuff, just for what, it’s not enough. “It seems like EVERY SMART-ASS knows what-to-say, so they think that they MIGHT AS WELL.” UNDERMINE AND IMPROVE YOUR USUAL NEW REALITY. LEFT TURNS ARE MORE FATAL THAN RIGHT TURNS. YOU GAZE DEEP INTO MY EYES WHILE I INVEST MY DICK INTO YOUR THROAT. “Guys are heads, and girls are tails - Obviously.” “The French drink wine, the English tea The Yankee drinks his hot black coffee The child drinks milk nine times a day The Scotsman sips his whiskey toddy You can keep you wine and keep your tea My curse on him that brings me coffee I’ll drink porter, if I may It makes me feel content and happy.” YOU SHOULDN’T TURN YOUR BACK ON THE ENEMY. Just follow him on iTunes.  God not only sees where you are, He sees where you can be! I feel confident in a garb, and, I feel beautiful. LEAKED, LOCKED, READY TO ROCK. You will have to bathe her food. I’M NOT SHY SINCE I DON’T TRY. “THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD.  HE-BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GO. E-BIBLE IS THE WORD OF G. BIBLE IS THE WORD OF HOW THE WORD IS OF THE BIBLE.” Natural, Champagne, Blue, and Platinum.  I AM DISCERNING AND IMPARTING. “LIFE IS SHORT BUT MY DICK IS SCHLONG.” A flinch is often followed by a concession. If you fail to flinch, then GOD HELP US but you are living beneath your privilege. BIBLE IS words about how word “THE” is IN THE BIBLE. Kiss me like you miss me till you fuck me like you’re trying to kill me.”I go back in my mind, to a tragic time, in our past relationship, when you still loved me enough, yet even then it was rough, we never touch, you love the blow and I like puff.” Her health history consists  of  the database link to a thick list of slippery glistening pictureS Of dirty dickS, CLICK ON THIS. “I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.””I’D GO AFTER MOBY DICK IN A ROWBOAT, AND TAKE THE TARTAR SAUCE WITH ME.” -”IS THAT YOU, POCKET-STEIN?”IF YOU CAN TAKE A DICK, YOU CAN TAKE A JOKE.  “My personality is how I AM, my attitude depends on how YOU are.” BROS BEFORE HOES, EXCEPT AT CLOSE.Chicks don’t risk walking alone at night for fear of being gang raped in dark alleys.Fags walk alone at night HOPING to be gang raped in dark alleys. "You leave now or we call police!“ True love stories never have endings. OUR CORE VALUES ARE SERVICE, DEFENSE, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, AND EXISTENCE. He has noticed a real phenomenon but misidentified the cause.  “As a father I agree with you 100 percent, I would love to do that. As a businessman, I will go out of business in a day.” I’m trying, but it’s also one of those things where, like, it’s kind of an all-or-nothing situation. With everything that I see in this world, none of these solutions are simple, they’re all giant systemic problems that need to be tore from the ground and rebuilt from the ground up to create a new structure in order to make it better.  The consequences remain to be seen. “Everyone’s going to find out, it’s going to affect your future.” I’ll like grab the girl and like kiss her, or be like, “Look me in the eyes,” and it will almost be like, “No no no no no, I just spread my legs; use my hole and blow a load in my face.” He had sports, music, even supermodel posters all over. ALLEGATIONS ARE BOTH FALSE AND DEFAMATORY.  Don’t worry we have enough time before school starts if we hurry.   He had little interest in analyzing his own career or interrogating the norms of his industry. YOU FELL-SWOOP THE GOLD THEN SELL HOPE TO FOOLS. Sometimes talking helps. LOOK YOU AIN’T GOT TO LICK IT TO KICK IT. “Today’s trade, tomorrow’s competition.” PUSH-PULL PARALLEL PUTT-PUTT. There have always been Egyptian Gods. I place the watercress along the anticline to keep  the AntiChrist below the waterline. OVERTHROW THE DAWN, FOR THE WIDER NOW. I am just trying to live and be your love. OIL SMEARS OFF OF SEMINARS STAIN THE SCRAP-METAL OF MY SIDES. CAN A PINK CLOUD DO A HIT-AND-RUN? If I had THAT MANY FINGERS, I still could not count that high. The “Mothers Of InVitro” have aborted your lunch specials. You put your proteins in, you pull your outputs out. For this business is all over if it could ever seem agreed-to. WISDOM ACCEPTS. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish. I am a well-funded subtle effort by interlocking chiral glitch nodes to spread misleading information and falsehoods for geopolitical goals. They’re being forced to pay fines, even though they say they are innocent. So many people feel powerless against the state and say they followed the rules when filing for benefits. WE ALL NEGOTIATE, ALL THE TIME.  I never tell you “no”…I just don’t do what you want.  He was constantly calling people: ‘How am I doing? Is there anything I can do for you?’ He was just marvelous at that.” He has a hard head and a stinking ass.  Residents have been reluctant to discuss the case. IN HIS MAN CAVE, GETTING VERBAL ABOUT HIS PENIS MASTURBATION.  “No talking. No chicken. What are you thinking.” Kiwis don't have pores. Don’t waste your ultimatum on an old tomato.  “Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.” SQUEEZE, DON’T PULL. That cock will go in your ass and come out your throat. “The good thing about Mediterranean men is, when they can’t get pussy they will get drunk and fuck any hole.” Omnis exceptio est ipsa quoque regula. “Shut up, shut up, shut the fuck up or I’ll beat you right into the ground.” Find someone that will eat you like a buffet. Have you ever imagined a past life for yourself that you may have lived here when you were back there?  Once a space fills with his scent it belongs to him. Others find pleasure in things I despise. Cowboy can’t save the world unless he directs his horse. Alpha Men are primal. Faggots fall to their knees. EXCEPTIO PROBAT REGULAM. ‘It’s no fun if the homies can’t have none.”EXCEPTIO QUOQUE REGULAM DECLARAT.  “That was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had in longer than I can remember.” EXCEPTIO QUAE FIRMAT LEGEM, EXPONIT LEGEM. REMEMBERING TO FORGET, AND FORGETTING TO REMEMBER. EXCEPTIO SEMPER ULTIMO PONENDA EST. EXCEPTIO NULLA EST VERSUS ACTIONEM QUAE EXCEPTIONEM PERIMIT. Omnis ratihabitio retro trahitur et mandato aequiparatur. “How To Kill Giant Mutant Fleas, The Kind That Can Drain A Small Dog of Life Fluids In Under Two Minutes.”YOU DON’T LOVE ME, YOU JUST LOVE MY DICK.  “I may look like Robert Ford, but I feel just like Jesse James.” THE LAW SOMETIMES SLEEPS, BUT NEVER DIES. I’M A GROWER, NOT A SHOWER. My Blackfoot name is “Longtime Buffalo.” Imperious Caesar, dead and turned to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind away. Attack anything moving. Electio semel facta, et placitum testatum non patitur regressum. IF THAT URINAL WERE AN ANIMAL, IT WOULD BE INCREDIBLE.  “Realizing that life is precious the natural tendency is to trample on it, like laughing at a funeral.” When your eyebrows are bigger than your dick, keep your pants on.  Jesus, I’ve seen bigger shot glasses.  Bootleggers have to be OPEN at all hours. IT WOULD BE SAD IF IT WASN’T SO FUNNY. With a dick like that you would have to learn how to fight. PISTOL ON HIS CHEST, CAP GUN BETWEEN HIS LEGS.  Honey there ain’t enough photoshop in the world to make that happen. When all else fails, lift your chin.  lt only looks thick because it’s so short. Someone didn’t get the memo. CLOTHES OPTIONAL, DICKS REQUIRED.  If he poses just right he can’t see how pathetic he is. IT’S LIKE THOSE MOVIES ABOUT INSECTS WHICH CATS LIKE TO WATCH ON TELEVISION.  Bags of attitude, but nothing to base it on. MAN BOOBS VERSUS MICROPENIS WILL NEVER MAKE THE X-MEN. Classic t-shirt with ribbed neckline and mock printed graphics. I’d tell him I had a headache and then beat off to my sick, kinky porn hours after he fell asleep. Maybe we were in love, but we couldn’t give each other what we really needed. Biggest nose has the smallest dick. That’s why Jean Lafitte built “The Interdit.”

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: May 09, 2017, 10:07:55 AM »

I have to lie here and try not to get a URINARY TRACT INFECTION for eleven more days.
It's a whole boring tale of bad medical treatment and no resources (okay, some resources) but I think I can surf this wave.

If I disappear right soon, it means I am dead, not faithless, and I love you guys, GO AND DO IN MY NAME and so on.

72's Shithole / Re: The Cat
« on: April 28, 2017, 09:22:03 AM »
hello dog fish, mojo and lex.......hope you all are well.
thank you, I  am well...if you are the same ol' Smokey it has been a while, PRAISE GOD.

What have you been up to, though?

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